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Phone Repair ouch Controls Suite for Windows Mobile 1.7.0 | 5.66 MB

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Touch Controls Suite for Windows Mobile 1.7.0 | 5.66 MB

Touch Controls Suite is an innovative member apartment from mirabyte which allows program developers to emanate graphically overwhelming as well as rarely discerning user interfaces (UI) for Windows Mobile Smartphone applications which have been formed upon the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework (.NETCF). One of the vital disadvantages of the Windows Mobile handling complement is the actuality which the user interface controls (such as menus, buttons, lists, etc.) have been stylus-oriented though not optimized for finger-based interaction. Creating the finger-based UI requires the lot of technical knowledge. And due to opening issues, developers which write their applications upon the easy to operate .NETCF height with languages such as C# or VB.NET have been not means to now emanate complicated seeking applications which have the finger-based UI as formerly seen upon alternative platforms such as Apple iPhone.

Touch Controls Suite Feature Overview
New: If we wish to have the demeanour during the little of the latest facilities in chronicle 1.7.0, greatfully watch this YouTube video! > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcdZaGcNKWw

TouchListBox is the absolute core carry out of Touch Controls Suite. It can be used for any kind of lists, menus as well as object viewers.
* Finger-based kinetic scrolling (very manageable as well as smooth, slows down after the “fast” corkscrew action)
* “Flip back” outcome (the list behaves similar to the rubber rope when we corkscrew next the start/end of it)
* Default sketch of list equipment or entirely customizable owners drawing
* Stylish passing from one to another goods (sliding existence to all 4 sides of the screen)
* Optional swapping dual tone list character for improved readability
* Various highlighting effects
* Intelligent object preference (scrolling does not accidently name the list item!)
* Supports hardware keys (up/down buttons)
* Can be used with alternative (standard) controls upon the same form though any problems
* Supports mixed shade resolutions

ButtonBar is undiluted for formulating vast symbol menus or standing indicators.
* Supports alpha bitmaps
* Custom “pressed” outcome for buttons
* Full skinning capabilities

TitleBar can be used to arrangement conspicuous standing or context report to the user. Additionally additionally buttons for standard operations similar to “back” or “close” can be integrated.
* Supports alpha bitmaps
* Custom “pressed” outcome for buttons
* Transparent text
* Full skinning capabilities

TouchPictureBox is similar to the normal PictureBox control. Additionally it has the built in (stepped) wizz functionality as well as supports well-spoken scrolling operations regulating the finger. A undiluted carry out for print or map spectator applications.
* Configurable wizz underline (min/max values)
* Finger-based scrolling
* Smooth drawing
* Zoom cause can be boldly set from code

TouchPictureButton is an extended symbol carry out which allows formulating law character buttons with icons or credentials images.
* Supports icons
* Background tone or credentials images
* Transparent text
* Automatic “push” animation

GlassDialog is the deputy for modal dialogs similar to MessageBox.Show(…); the credentials of the form is dimmed as well as possibly the general dialog box is shown or the law skin can be used (including alpha transparency!).

TouchTextBox is the finger-friendly content box carry out which uses the skinable limit to grasp the some-more available demeanour & feel than normal content boxes. Additionally we can supplement an additional symbol to the content box – the undiluted underline for poke boxes etc.TouchCheckBox is the entirely skinable check box carry out which allows we to give your applications the unchanging user experience.

DoubleBufferedLabel is the reward carry out which comes with Touch Controls Suite. It functions similar to the normal tag carry out though can be updated really mostly though producing any flickering. A undiluted carry out for real-time standing or time displays (e.g. the stop watch or the headlines ticker).

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